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We are Commercial Painting Contractors based on Melbourne, Victoria. We provide commercial painting services in Melbourne and suburbs of Victoria and see ourselves as expert Melbourne painters with 12+ years commercial experience painting all sorts of buildings, business premises, warehouses, residential houses, units, flats and apartments.

Exterior and interior commercial building painting can be an easy, economical way to help renew your business premises looks and feeling.

We offer our customers quality commercial painting services Melbourne, Victoria at competitive prices. We take great pride in delivering high level of service and customer satisfaction to each and every job we do.

AKR Painters provides painting services in Melbourne South Eastern Suburbs of Victoria. We see ourselves as professional commercial painters with 12+ years commercial experience painting many different types of buildings, houses, warehouses, offices and industrial buildings.

We excel in commercial painting services and our costs are very affordable to the business owner. Painting is by far the most economical way to help renew your business premises.

We do Commercial Painting Services in Melbourne, Victoria and offer the following services:

  • Interior Painting Services in Melbourne
  • Exterior Building Painting in Melbourne
  • New Builder Homes Painting Melbourne
  • Luxury Homes Painting
  • Body Corporate Painters
  • Fence Painting Melbourne
  • Outdoor Deck Painting
  • Interior/Exterior Door & Window Painting
  • Factory Painting
  • Workplace Floor Painting

If you need a professional commercial painting contractors Melbourne, Victoria then get in touch with us. Fill out our online contact form on this page or call us today.

We are friendly painters and work with all types of painting. We paint with these types of paint: Latex, Lacquer, Varnish, Enamel, Oils, Acrylic, Eggshell, Fence & Deck Stains, Polyurethane, Shellac and many more.

Painting can be a messy job if done incorrectly. We are professionals commercial painting contractors who take your work seriously. We can only be satisfied by finishing with a clean and quality workmanship.

Painting is an art. It needs care and expert eyes to see that the job is done correctly. There isn’t any room for errors as the work would be doubled up if that be the case.

Many businesses over time require new painting work and getting the building interior painted is the shortest way out. A new coat of paint can do wonders and it really is a choice between staying the old way or getting a new fresh and revitalized working environment. Everyone from the management to the factory worker welcomes a new fresh look in the place they live for 8 hours/day.

We are painting experts in many respects. If you’re looking for good professional commercial painters who are great at their work and provide you the best service and care in Melbourne and South Eastern Suburbs then why not get in touch with us today.

We welcome any size job: Large Area Painting Small Area Painting

A Comprehensive Service Offering

We offer a full range of services to support you in your home or business.


  • Interior Residential Painting Services Melbourne
  • New residential and commercial Interior Painting Melbourne
  • Luxury House Interior Painting
  • Old House Interior Painting
  • Units & Flats Interior Painting


  • Exterior House Painting Melbourne
  • New Homes Painting
  • Luxury Homes Painting
  • Old House Painting
  • Units & Flats Painting


  • Fence Painting Melbourne
  • Outdoor Deck Painting
  • Interior/Exterior Door & Window Painting
  • Factory Painting
  • Workplace Floor Painting

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